GGRAsia – Legislators want talks with Macau govt on casino

Macau lawmaker Ella Lei wants publication of data showing casino chip attribution systems -- or “radiation tables" -- are not harmful to workers. Ella Lei Cheng I – who currently chairs a sub-committee reviewing Macau’s land grant system and public concessions – mentioned the wish for consultation with the government when she gave a briefing to local media on Thursday, regarding the sub-committee’s main tasks for the remainder of the current legislative term. “We would like to hear the government’s views and what Several Wynn Macau casino workers, accompanied by lawmakers-cum-unionists Ella Lei Cheng I and Leong Sun Iok as well as members of the Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff Association (MGESA), Thursday petitioned Chief Executive Chui Sai On, urging the government to ensure that gaming operators always strictly obey the anti-smoking law and, consequently, always ensure that gamblers do not smoke in In Macau and a ranking member of the Legislative Assembly has reportedly announced that she would like to meet with the government so as to hear its intentions regarding the city’s upcoming casino license tendering process.. According to a Friday report from GGRAsia, Ella Lei Cheng I heads a sub-committee reviewing public concessions and land grants and revealed that such a meeting to If that’s the case, lawmaker and Federation of Trade Unions executive Ella Lei wants them to put it in writing. Macau casino gaming revenue down 90% in August. Steven Stradbrooke. 1 October Ella Lei Cheng I, a vice-president of the union who heads the union’s committee to protect worker’s rights, made the remarks after a meeting at the Tobacco Control Office with government representatives including Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Cheong U and Health Bureau (SSM) Director Lei Chin Ion.

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